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Magic Dart Purple Spell Earrings lofi 8bit pixel art

Magic Dart Purple Spell Earrings lofi 8bit pixel art

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style exclusive design!

A beautiful powerful magic dart glows next to your face in retro video game style. Our Abyss Wares vibrant 8-bit pixel art earrings bring lofi weirdness to your aesthetic and make a fantastic geeky gift.

💎These lightweight wooden coin hook earrings are 6cm--that's nearingly 2.5 inches--and are screenprinted with high quality, glossy, durable finish that is scratch-resistant and satisfying.

💎Durable and glossy screenprinting on both sides will look vibrant and lovely for a long time. Still best to store them such that they won't be knocked around with sharp-edged jewelry like rhinestones.

💎The hooks are fashion-grade, not hypoallergenic, but if you are sensitive they are very simple to switch out

💎Care instructions: Be mindful to not spray hairspray or perfume on your beautiful new earrings as it may mess up the nice finish, make them sticky or dirty. To clean, wipe gently with a slightly damp cloth.

AbyssWares is your alternative weirdcore aesthetic home! 👁️🦑👾👽❤️Dopamine dressing in weird stuff with original designs from a women-owned indie small business based in the USA shipping GLOBALLY!🌍 🌎💖We are upgrading our sustainability standards, focusing on materials that are biodegradable, durable, vegan, natural fibre, and recycled fibre that takes plastic out of the oceans. We are proud of our made-one-at-a-time approach for being low-waste, and all our shipments are carbon-neutral.

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