About Us

AbyssWares is your alternative weirdcore aesthetic home! 👁️🦑👾👽❤️Dopamine dressing in weird stuff with original designs from a women-owned indie small business based in the USA shipping GLOBALLY!🌍 🌎💖We are upgrading our sustainability standards, focusing on materials that are biodegradable, durable, vegan, natural fibre, and recycled fibre that takes plastic out of the oceans. We are proud of our made-one-at-a-time approach for being low-waste, and all our shipments are carbon-neutral.

Founded in 2023 by Lorene Anderson in the wonderfully weird city of New Orleans, our aesthetic inspiration ranges from festival pixie raver to literary surrealism and is especially influenced by Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos, nautical cryptids, and Japanese aesthetics like ukiyo-e, anime, and Harajuku street fashion.

🎶Lorene is also a music producer who goes by The Produce Aisle and guess what?? Abyss Wares is also a band! The creepy fun music Lorene makes for Abyss Wares ads and socials makes great Halloween music and is available for streaming everywhere :)

These fashions are like making music in 3D, songs you can wear! Dopamine dressing at its finest, these are fits designed to inspire conversations with new friends and find some weirdo solidarity in weird times. 🦑✌️Let's make the world weirder but in a good way✌️🦑 We hope you'll make AbyssWares your go-to destination for all things WTF and wonderful.