Why mushrooms, tho?

Why mushrooms, tho?

Amongst the eyeballs and tentacles, why do the mushroom-themed prints fit in the Abyss Wares aesthetic? It’s not random, and it’s not just me. I’m feeling the human fascination with non-human intelligence, and the interconnected mycelial network that binds terrestrial life together. 

Sharing communication, nutrients, warnings, and medicine via these organic threads in the soil, mushrooms are just a small part, the "fruiting body" of a much older, vaster organism where it's hard to define individual beings any longer because the connections go so deep. I'd say it's post-modern but it's pre- pre- pre-modern, and humans are maybe just now catching up. 

So these mushroom prints, with their bright colors and familiar organic forms embody ancient intelligences, I want to tap into that, making myself a “fruiting body” to bring on deeper, more interesting conversations between people, making strangers into friends to communicate, share nutrients, warnings, and medicine. 

Keep it weird, y’all! 

Love, Lorene

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