What's "Whimsigoth" Mean?

What's "Whimsigoth" Mean?


Whimsigoth—also “whimsigothic”—is a fun alternative look that is both dark and playful, often with surrealist elements and unexpected combos that create a sense of amusing cognitive dissonance. It is a look that does not take itself too seriously. A true definition of whimsigoth is tricky because it melds into so many other aesthetic styles and is changing all the time, but if it’s gothy mixed with a little silly, you could call it whimsigoth🖤🩷🖤 Say what you will about the name, but it does the job of smashing two unexpected words together and that’s about right for describing the aesthetic, too! Elements of whimsigoth fashion may include:

  • Dark colors, such as black, gray, and navy
  • Bold patterns, such as skulls, eyes, and tentacles
  • Playful details, such as ruffles, bows, and lace
  • Funny or ironic sayings and quips
  • Layered looks and maximalist accessories
  • Upcycled, vintage, and handmade clothing
  • Cozy and functional clothing, not very formal or severe pieces

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To dress whimsigoth style, wear the things that make you smile! Trad goth black makes a fantastic canvas to layer up with pieces that are more colorful. Experiment with layering up different colors, patterns, and textures along with black basics. Cozy goth/lazy goth styles could easily be called whimsigoth; anything fuzzy and cute could be combined for a whimsigothic look. Don't be afraid to mix and match different styles. And most importantly, have fun and feel confident in yourself—wear things that fit you well and make you feel awesome everytime you go out! 


AbyssWares.com is an awesome place to buy the best whimsigoth clothes, even pieces that don’t seem “goth” could be styled in a whimsigoth outfit. Check out our Aesthetics tab or type “eyeballs” in the search bar to get you started! (Eyeballs n’ tentacles are kinda our thing🦑👁️🦑👁️)

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