MEASURING IS SO ANNOYING! But Centimeters Don't Lie

MEASURING IS SO ANNOYING! But Centimeters Don't Lie

I know it's annoying and you can't find your tape measure. Go get another one at the grocery store next time you go—the cheapie sewing kits include one and are usually by the lightbulbs in grocery stores and drug stores like Walgreens. This minor annoyance beats the majorly disappointed big sad frown face you will get of waiting forever for your stuff only to have it not fit because you didn't double-check those centimeters. 

Sizing charts and sizing "systems" drive me crazy. If you don't already know about the concept of "vanity sizing," it is just this: the letters on the sizes of clothing do not correlate to anything in reality. I HAVE AN EASY SOLUTION for you to get a great fit, so read on!!

Why is vanity sizing made up?

Have you ever wondered why you can be a size 6 in one brand and a size 10 in another? It's because vanity sizing is 100% made up. The fashion industry has created an illusion of smaller sizes to make consumers feel better about themselves. They want you to think you're a smaller size than you actually are, so you'll be more likely to buy their clothes. It's just marketing. Marketing doing what it thinks it needs to do to make you feel good about your body, and there's a whole unspoken yet obvious message to the opposite, that largeness equates with negative self-image, with badness. It's all gaslighting and I hate it. Yet, e-commerce relies on it, and if you buy anything online, that's just how it is. *Barf*

Why is sizing different from brand to brand?

One of the most frustrating things about shopping for clothes is that sizing is different from brand to brand. You can be a medium in one brand and a large in another. It's like playing a game of roulette every time you order a new piece of clothing. This inconsistency makes it difficult to shop online or even in-store because you never know what size will actually fit you. It's a guessing game that often leads to disappointment and wasted time.

Why is sizing different from product to product?

Not only is sizing different from brand to brand, but it's also different from product to product within the same brand. You can be a size 8 in jeans but a size 12 in tops. Each piece of apparel has its own chart, and yes, this inconsistency adds unnecessary stress and confusion to the shopping experience. Differences in fabrics and manufacturing techniques make it a necessity to have different charts for each. This is how it is in my shop, and I order samples of most everything to understand if the item runs small or large so I can let you know in the descriptions.

Why are clothes unnecessarily gendered?

This issue is worth its own specific post, but another frustrating aspect of sizing is that clothes are unnecessarily gendered. Why does a hoodie or a shoe need a "women's size" chart and a "men's size" chart? Style needn't have a gender, and everyone should be able to wear whatever they feel comfortable in. I see lots of talk about smashing outdated gender norms and embracing inclusivity in fashion, but the size charts for nearly everything everywhere are segregated. It's pretty stupid.

What's the solution?

In my shop, at least, I have a simple solution to the sizing madness: MEASURE YOUR CLOTHES, NOT YOUR BODY!! Instead of relying on arbitrary numbers and letters, take your own measurements from clothing you already own and compare them to the size chart provided. CENTIMETERS DON'T LIE. This way, you can ensure a better fit and avoid the frustration of inconsistent sizing. It may take a little extra effort, but it's worth it to find clothes that truly fit. Centimeters are more accurate than inches, so use them. Looking at a dress with a bit of stretch to it? Measure a dress you have that you like that has a bit of stretch to it. Looking at a bowling shirt? Measure a buttondown shirt you have that fits great and use those measurements when looking at the chart.

Above all, I want you to be happy with your weird new clothes and wear them all the time! I want these clothes to start conversations with cool strangers, to get you all the compliments at parties, and make you feel like the awesome person you are. Don't let silly sizing "systems" get in the way of that.

Lotsa love to you! 🦑✌️




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