What's Dopamine Dressing??

What's Dopamine Dressing??



Is Dopamine Dressing a Real Thing?

“Dopamine dressing” is a totally real thing! Seeing this term was like a lightbulb for me, so let’s talk about what this is and why it really works. Extra relevant now that Winter is upon us and the holiday season can be the most low-dopamine time of year for lots of us.

What's the Deal with Dopamine?

Dopamine is best known for being our brain's own little hype squad, but it is also a key neurotransmitter for regulating sleep, our attention and thinking, and movement control. It is such an important brain chemical that helps us survive the human condition; it's the feel-good chemical and we need it bad. Certain activities help our brains to release more of it, things like walking outside, petting our pets, hugging our friends, dancing, listening to music we love, and FASHION, lol!

Why Does It Work?

Dopamine dressing is not just a buzz word; you can absolutely boost your mood with what you wear, and it is nearly instantaneous in its effect. Rock those bright colors, wild patterns, and cool accessories, and watch your mood lift. And it has a ripple effect of others noticing you in bright colors and fun styles, so it puts them in a good mood too, they are more likely to give compliments, which feel great to both the giver and receiver🩷

Winter, SAD, and Dopamine Dressing

Winter blues or clinical condition?❄️🌨️Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is complicated but if you feel like everything just sucks more when the days are short, let your wardrobe be your personal sunshine. Dopamine dressing could be your secret weapon against the seasonal depression. While it can't replace sunlight and taking your vitamin D, infusing your wardrobe with lively colors serves as a mood lifter. 

How To Dopamine Dress

Wear what you ACTUALLY love! No pleasure should be a guilty pleasure--forget what you “officially” like to wear and allow yourself the freedom to wear what makes you smile the most. Of course bright colors and wonderful textures are dopamine go-tos, but consider unconventional attire like tutus, capes, platform shoes--anything grand, over-the-top, silly, stunning--we need not reserve these wonderful things for costume parties only! 🌈✨Ask your inner 6-year-old what they would enjoy wearing today as a good place to start, then get some inspo at AbyssWares.com for wild weird things in your closet and your daily life!

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